Writing a working paper munching

You call me "The Echo. The second time is the echo.

Writing a working paper munching

I was sitting in math class staring at the kid in front of me trying to finish his final with the remaining time. Summer was about to officially take off, but no one would hear me cheer when the final bell rang. Summer used to be my favorite time of the year— swimming, tanning, friends, not a care in the world.

Those things no longer made me merry.

writing a working paper munching

I was in the worst drought of my life, and the depression was just sinking into my life like a sleigh into fresh snow. My dad would be disappointed, but only for a few days until something more important came up at work.

When I first worked there, I ate candy constantly, but after a few stomach aches, you learn the lesson pretty fast. We Anyway, the jingle brought in Greggory, you guessed it, the owner of the store.

He owns three of these small candy shops that are spread about 10 miles apart, and stops in only to criticize or change things. I mostly stayed out of his way, but on this particular day, that would not be the case.

At the time, all I knew was that him and my manager, Carol, were having a long chat in the workers room.

Every Hurt is a Heal: Understanding and Working with Your Cravings.

Then an hour later, they walked out, Greggory expressionless, and Carol with a set face. Greggory gave me a small fake smile, with a wave, and walked out of the store. I walked over to Carol to see what he had said. She started talking before, I could form any words. I finished my shift with dignity, and on the way out, I finally turned on my phone, to see that I had two missed calls and several texts from Holly, one of my best friends These texts would be engraved to my mind forever.

The second one put panic and adrenaline into my veins. The last text read Call me. I called her, and rushed into my car, already going to the hospital.

writing a working paper munching

The call went directly to voicemail. I focused on driving as fast as possible to the hospital, getting a bad feeling in my gut. I arrived at the hospital, and rushed up the stairs. When I turned the corner to reveal her family, I knew my life would never be the same again.

The next hours were a blur of crying, hugging, and full on shock. I stayed home from school, stayed in my room, and stayed away from everyone. My dad did his best to help, but he was never good with this kind of stuff. After two weeks, he insisted I go back to school.

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