The roaring fork transportation authority makes a move to go green

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The roaring fork transportation authority makes a move to go green

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They simply want today's news today tomorrow is too late. Having a style-appropriate mouthfeel is absolutely critical in having a wine that hits on all cylinders. A cutting edge world leader in enological coadjuncts, Enartis has been running trials to determine the best way to address problems as they arise.

Joined by the local winemakers, the trials will be tasted and discussed, along with the best techniques for great mouthfeel. Our role at Enartis is unique in that winemakers never call to say how good their wines might be; we get called when things go wrong.

As a result, when you compound winemakers having 1 or 2 troublesome fermentations, we get awfully good at troubleshooting. And to prove the proposed solution is the most appropriate fit.


There are many techniques that can be applied throughout the winemaking process to optimize mouthfeel in red or white winemaking. We like to get together and geek out over new techniques, new products, new equipment, the list goes on. A stuck fermentation is one that ends before all the available sugar in the wine has been converted to alcohol.

She has been trialing new yeasts designed to prevent that. Wines with high contents of post fermentation sugar become susceptible for microbial spoilage, potentially ruining it, he says. Tinus Els Els is a South African native who has worked 18 years in winemaking and winery management.

He says the company is currently running trials on four different yeasts, including two fructophilic yeast strains, part of a new Pinnacle range of yeast recently launched in the United States with BSG.

During this session participants will taste trial wines with the winemakers, learn the importance of analyzing glucose and fructose levels, the potential cost impacts of grape analysis management by ensuring the right yeast for the right grapes, and obtain insights on the latest technology in the world of yeast strain development.

He noted that while a stuck fermentation is more likely to occur in red wines, winemakers have seen it also happen with whites.

Who is their reader and are they strictly looking for an examination of wine quality — or lack thereof — or are they seeking lifestyle pieces where the quirky winemaker and extravagant vintner steal the show?

The wine is simply a player in the story.

The roaring fork transportation authority makes a move to go green

Good publicists know the writer, but more importantly, know who their audience is and what appeals to them. Wineries that want their fair share of media attention are having to change their tactics as well. At Robb Report, the approach remains the same, but the reader is definitively high end and of a very affluent demographic.

They are wine drinkers and, while there may be concern about Robb readers and their acquisition of expensive wines as either trophies or simply investments, at the core they enjoy a very good bottle of wine.

Schneider says that, in addition to the wines that may attract her readers, she is looking for stories that will interest them as well. Family stories, innovation, new material and ground level stories like the one she will cover in the Rhone of a new Chateauneuf-du-Pape launch.

Not to mention the other types of assets we need as writers that can sometimes be hard to track down directly from a winery, from prices of wines to current vintage, etc. Now wine writers are bloggers, part-timers, influencers and wannabes.

Wine writers are often not dedicated just to writing about wine but have day jobs like teaching high school or selling insurance. Yet they may have a blog or online magazine that has a following and they are important to reach. We need to travel more.Fundraiser to support BoatNerd.

11/23 - We have kicked off our first annual fundraising accept donations through PayPal or by mail. This is a great opportunity for users and corporations that use Boatnerd to show their support with a donation.

RFTA Roaring Fork Transportation Authority is on Facebook. To connect with RFTA Roaring Fork Transportation Authority, join Facebook today. Get to point B-from-A in a bike in an hour, get off the bikes and into attack position.

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The Roaring Fork Transportation Authority (RFTA) manages public transit from Aspen to Rifle, the Rio Grande Trail and Maroon Bells guided bus tours. THANK YOU Roaring Fork and Colorado River valleys for passing a mill levy to allow RFTA to continue and improve services for the next 20 years.

"This will go a long way to making RFTA. Massachusetts (/ ˌ m æ s ə ˈ tʃ uː s ɪ t s / (), /-z ɪ t s /), officially the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, is the most populous state in the New England region of the northeastern United is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the east, the states of Connecticut and Rhode Island to the south, New Hampshire and Vermont to the north, and New York to the west.

Roaring Fork Transportation Authority, Aspen, CO, | Federal Transit Administration