Nursing career path essay

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Nursing career path essay

What do you guys think of my essay? Please comment it would be greatly appreciated! Being a nurse is a very influential and rewarding profession. Nurses care for people through illness, injury, pain, loss, dying, grieving, birth, growth, aging and health.

They not only care for people through illness, but they also promote health, prevent diseases and educate the public. We all know that nursing is a field that is concerned with helping people, yet I believe that in becoming a nurse, a person needs more than that desire to succeed.

It is essential for a nurse to be open, strong, determined, thoughtful and caring. These qualities would reflect on the nurse and would make caring for Nursing career path essay patient easier.

I believe that I belong to this field because ever since a child I always wanted to make a positive influence in peoples lives. I always felt the need to care for someone since I know that I have the power and the choice to do so.

Growing up in the Philippines has greatly influenced my desire to care for people. All throughout my life, I see all different kinds of people in poverty, may it be infants, children, elderly people and even disabled people.

Every day I would see them on the streets begging others for money just so they could treat their ailing relatives. Whenever I see them, I felt so weak. Moving here made me realize how other countries like the Philippines are in great need of health care.

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It made me more aware of the situation and now that I am more mature, I know that I could my part to help the situation. Another reason for my decision to become a nurse is my sister, who is a nursing assistant. She suggested that I become one. Her stories from the hospital just inspired me and made me realize that nursing is truly for me.

Nursing career path essay

She says that the feeling of giving yourself to a complete stranger in their greatest time of need is like no other feeling on earth. I truly believe that I am suited to become a nurse.

I am honest and open to communication, and these are also important traits that a nurse needs. Nurses are the main communication link between the patient and the doctor.

Personally, having the opportunity to impact someone every day is very powerful. The words I use, my actions, and my attitude can help another human being to heal and that is something that I will remember all throughout my life.

Nursing is one of the few careers that does not only help others but it also helps yourself. It is a profession that is exciting, ever-changing, diverse, and allows an opportunity for learning something new every day. The work is tough but in the end of the day, I will say that this is that path that I chose and I am proud of it, then I will remember that feeling of helping a complete stranger and at that moment, I will feel rewarded.Because there are so many factors that go into choosing a career, you can answer this question in a variety of ways.

When preparing an answer, try to include the reasons the work interests you as well as what strengths you possess that make you an excellent nurse, and the best candidate for the job.

Nursing Essay Sample. Nursing as a Career: Pros and Cons are just a few of the many pros nurses of different areas of expertise and experience mention when asked about their career path. Nurses make a difference in the lives of their patients Without question one of the greatest aspects to going into a nursing career is that as an.

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Nursing career path essay

Nursing as a Career essaysAs the population of the United States ages, the need for skilled nurses increases. That's where I come in; I plan on being a registered nurse.

There is currently a nursing shortage and very few nurses graduating from their nursing schools and practicing. To top tha. Career Essay: Nursing Nursing is defined as “the practice or profession of caring for the sick and injured” (

Regardless of the simplicity of the definition, nursing is a very complex career that as it might already imply, carries many responsibilities and complications.

Nursing career path essay