Kill the internet

By Aaron Kesel U. A new Internet collection tax will allow states to collect — steal, rob, plunder [taxation is theft] you get the point — from any retailer across the U. In short, the newly approved law will kill small businesses. Back then, this applied to almost all transactions.

Kill the internet

History[ edit ] The prospect of cyberwarfare over the s has prompted the drafting of legislation by US officials, but worldwide the implications of actually "killing" the Internet has prompted criticism of the idea in the United States. During the Arab Spring in TunisiaEgyptand Libya access to the Internet was denied [1] in an effort to limit peer networking to facilitate organization.

While the effects of shutting off information access are controversial, the topic of a kill switch does remain to be resolved.

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This act, created by the Franklin D. Roosevelt Administration, gave the president powers of control over the media under certain circumstances. This act was the basis of regulatory power for the executive branch of the government to control electronic communications in the United States.

Telecommunications Act of [ edit ] Presidential Decision Directive 63 PDDsigned in Mayestablished a structure under White House leadership to coordinate the activities of designated lead departments and agencies, in partnership with their counterparts from the private sector, to "eliminate any significant vulnerability to both physical and cyber attacks on our critical infrastructures, including especially our cyber systems".

If signed into law, this controversial bill, which the American media dubbed the kill switch bill, would have granted the President emergency powers over the Internet. Other parts of the bill focused on the establishment of an Office of Cyberspace Policy and on its missions, as well as on the coordination of cyberspace policy at the federal level.

Said measures should "represent the least disruptive means feasible to the operations Kill the internet the covered critical infrastructure" and "shall cease to have effect not later than 30 days after the date on which the President issued the declaration of a national cyber emergency" unless the President seeks to extend them, with the approval of the Director of the Office of Cyberspace Policy established by the bill.

Criticisms of the Lieberman bill[ edit ] Interviewed by Candy Crowley on CNN 's State of the Union, Lieberman claimed "it is a fact cyber war is going in some sense right now", "a cyber attack on America [could] do as much or more damage An automatic renewal provision within the proposed legislation would keep it going beyond thirty days.

The group recommended that the legislation follows a strict First Amendment scrutiny test: Outcome[ edit ] All three co-authors of the bill subsequently issued a statement claiming that the bill "[narrowed] existing broad Presidential authority to take over telecommunications networks", [10] and Senator Lieberman contended that the bill did not seek to make a 'kill switch' option available "the President will never take over — the government should never take over the Internet"[10] but instead insisted that serious steps had to be taken in order to counter a potential mass scale cyber attack.

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The Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset Act of expired at the end of the — Congress without receiving a vote from either chamber.

There are several issues that may prevent a system to be established in the United States. The Telecommunications Act of deregulated the telecommunications market and allowed for the growth of data carrier services.

This makes implementation of a kill switch that much more difficult: A court order is not necessarily the solution either.

Even if an ISP is forced by court order, the attack may have already taken place and the prophylactic methods too late in implementing. There are thousands of ISPs and since they do not have to register, there is no known way of contacting them in time and forcing the ISP to comply.

The lack of regulation allowed for building of a patch-work system ISPs, Internet Backbone that is extremely complex and not fully known.

In addition to these fairly large roadblocks, there are human rights groups such as the ACLU, Amnesty Internationaland others.

All of these reasons make implementing the Internet kill switch difficult. Policy issues[ edit ] The key[ clarification needed ] policy issue is whether or not the United States has the right constitutionally to restrict or cut off access to the Internet.

The powers granted to the presidency starting with the Communications Act of seem to be adequate[ to whom? The next most important question[ to whom?

Kill the internet

The trade offs are apparent[ to whom? One of the biggest problems[ to whom? The loss of the network for even a day could cost billions of dollars in lost revenue. The National Cybersecurity Center was set up to deal with these questions, to research threats and design and recommend prophylactic methods.

In many ways,[ which? Turkey[ edit ] In JuneTurkey introduced an internet kill switch law permitting authorities to "partially or entirely" suspend internet access due to wartime measures, national security or public order. In the United Kingdom, the Communications Act and the Civil Contingencies Act allow the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport to suspend Internet services, either by ordering Internet service providers to shut down operations or by closing Internet exchange points.

It would have to be a very serious threat for these powers to be used, something like a major cyber attack.Featured Articles and top News Updated daily: The Blame Game as a Route to the Destination of Uncreativity by Dr Abubakar Alkali May 02 It was the young Ghanaian writer Israelmore Ayivor who wrote ‘You may regret for messing up on few occasions, but you need to appreciate the fact that blames don’t clean the mess, they only smear the blame on your face.

Main Page > List of Investigations > Kill Your Internet. Kill Your Internet was an ARG created by Camouflaj, connected to their game was focused around a retro Bulletin Board System and its administrator, plombier-nemours.coms included interacting with chatbots hosted on the BBS, solving puzzles on in-fiction sites, and .

Nov 08,  · News this week that Blockbuster will shutter its remaining retail stores was greeted with the typical pithy analyses about the Internet changing everything. Ad tech is killing the online experience Felix Salmon.

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