Gobekli tepe writing a business

First, unlike all examples found before, it has two openings. Second, it is richly decorated with three c. Unfortunately, the stone was not in situ, that is, not in its original architectonic context.

Gobekli tepe writing a business

Protestant Married Some perspective is required here. The excavation is still ongoing here, and the dates are from charcoal found on the site. This renders some problems, as often charcoal was collected from deadwood from natural fires - even more likely if we are looking at a Neolithic site, as they probably weren't making their own.

The radiocarbon date is from when the plant died, not when the wood was necessarily utilised, and patently too old dates have been found in similar circumstances in other sites. For neolithic people would collect the charcoal, which may have been there for many years.

Just How Long Ago Was 9,500 BC?

Standing dead trees of over a years have been documented in Mexico and the US Southwest, which is why ancillary dating is a must have. So the carbon date must be taken with a bit of salt in this instance, on Archaeologic grounds. Still probably an early site, but I assume younger than the Carbon Date.

On the validity of Carbon Dating: A lot of factors influence it, like volcanic activity, burning fossil fuels, atom bombs, etc.

Further, we extrapolate decay rates, but they aren't actually constant. For a recent example that threw a spanner in the works: Radioactive decay rates vary with the sun's rotation: For instance, they took a core from a Japanese Peat bog recently to act as a control for carbon dating.

We can only say that it appears more or less consistant since we discovered it, but perhaps after years there is a steep decline for some reason?

Tracing The Origins Of Culture & Civilization

We can't say for sure, so such safeguards are necessary. Carbon dating is useful, but not absolute. That said, I see no compelling reason to doubt the date here, except for the fact that it is probably somewhat an exaggeration by potentially as much as a millenia, as described above.

Some have hypothesised a connection with the Semitic ideas of the Mountain of God, or the Sumerian story of certain arts arising at such a fabled northern mountain, which is interesting conjecture on this.Regarding the provenance of coherent catastrophism and the Younger Dryas impact hypothesis, and the archaeological evidence surrounding Gobekli Tepe, once gain all the evidence is published in peer reviewed academic journals.

gobekli tepe writing a business

Having read through all this work carefully, I am of the opinion that the scientific case for both is very strong. Gobekli Tepe is an unprepossessing archaeological site in Northern Mesopotamia – the area between the Euphrates and Tigris rivers.

No postcards of the site are on sale and no guidebooks. Skull fragments with carved long, deliberate lines found at Gobekli Tepe June 29, by Bob Yirka, plombier-nemours.com report A pillar from Building D at . Gobekli Tepe had been erected over a hundred years before specifically for the Games.

The great arena was designed especially with columns and great stone structures, multi levels and chambers; it was the height of perfection to the gamers.

Located in modern Turkey, Göbekli Tepe is one of the most important archaeological sites in the world. The discovery of this stunning 10, year old site in the s CE sent shock waves through the archaeological world and beyond, with some researchers even claiming it was the site of the.

More recently, while trawling the internet for new photos of the excavations at the site of Göbekli Tepe, I came across this blog post, on the Tepe Telegrams website. The author, an archaeologist working at the site in , reacts to my interpretation of the image on that tablet.

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