Compare the ways in which disturbed

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Compare the ways in which disturbed

Hire Writer Both writers successfully portray the traditional oppression of women through their imagery and hyperbole. A few of the obvious forms of imagery used are: Through this hyperbole el Saadawi is able to communicate the harshness of society to the reader.

This emphasises the anger that was circling the house.

Compare the ways in which disturbed

Gustatory imagery is a key aspect to both novels and supports both authors in successfully portraying the oppression of women. When Firdaus is able to pay for her own meal, it is obvious that she is radiant with joy and excitement.

The fact that she is only able to pay for this meal due to prostitution does not reduce her pleasure in her newfound independence. To Firdaus, this meal represented freedom. It is evident that the way Tita produces and presents her food depends on her emotions. When she is joyful, her food is flamboyant and tasteful but when she is upset, her food is dull and sour.

Compare the ways in which disturbed

Walter Pater and Luca Dell Robbia - Aesthetic Ideas Essay Repetition is used in both novels to show the importance of certain events in the lives of the characters and their importance to the central themes. This initiates the repetition of food throughout the novel.

Esquivel uses repetition to convey this theme; the most obvious form of repetition within the story is the structure of the novel. Esquivel also frequently shows how the aromas and tastes of the food affect the feelings of the household.

This is repetitively re-stated in order to support the central idea of the novel. Saadawi commonly speaks of how her father was very abusive and never gave any of his family members anything, including a sufficient amount of food.

Saadawi commonly refers to the two eyes, because it displays how Firdaus is not able to trust anyone, after all the mistreatment she has faced. It also portrays the evil in the eyes of the men and the fear in the eyes of the women. This quote is from when Firdaus was describing how she could tell that the lady her father said was her mother, did not have the same eyes, as the woman she remembered to be her mother, and therefore did not evoke the same emotional response and feelings of safety.

The authorial intrusion in both novels plays a key role in the way the reader interprets the story. Esquivel uses the fact that society is changing so quickly in the political sense to show this inconsistency between the society in general and private lives.

In both novels the way in which the authors select the anecdotes is a key contributor in displaying their opinions. The fact that the authors have the ability to add any information they see fit, and can also supress information they do not want the readers to see, means that they can further increase their bias and affect the opinions of the reader.

To conclude, the way both authors use specific crafts to enhance the key ideas of the novels is supported by the narrative point of view.

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This point of view is relatively biased, due to the circumstances the novels were written under. However, this bias is somewhat irrelevant because even looked at independently the circumstances of the times invited the same stance as that taken by the authors.

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Being disturbed is just a state of mind.

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Some ways are: 1. Meditate 2. Keep yourself busy-choose work that is useful and worthwhile and give it your you do that you will achieve the sense of satisfaction that leads to peace. 3. Live your life your way.

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Disturbed Thought Processes: The state in which an individual experiences a disruption in such mental activities as conscious thought, reality orientation, problem solving, judgment, and comprehension related to coping, personality, and/or mental disorder.

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