Business planning taxation 2016 tax

Sources revealed to …. This coaching, happening on the IBFD premises in Amsterdam, types a part of the Dutch program to strengthen tax administrations in associate nations. IBFD, being an internationally acknowledged information institute with lengthy-standing expertise in worldwide tax issues, drafted a one-week program aimied at convincing the collaborating tax administrations of the significance of preserving tax treaties updated and making use of them as envisaged. Tax treaties play an essential position in facilitating investments, however older treaties, if not stored updated, might result in losses in income on account of aggressive tax planning.

Business planning taxation 2016 tax

Significant restrictions and special rules often apply. The rules related to such transactions are often quite complex.

Formation[ edit ] Most systems treat the formation of a corporation by a controlling corporate shareholder as a nontaxable event. Many systems, including the United States and Canada, extend this tax free treatment to the formation of a corporation by any group of shareholders in control of the corporation.

John and Mary are United States residents who operate a business. They decide to incorporate for business reasons.

They transfer the assets of the business to Newco, a newly formed Delaware corporation of which they are the sole shareholders, subject to accrued liabilities of the business in exchange solely for common shares of Newco.

If on the other hand Newco also assumes a bank loan in excess of the basis of the assets transferred less the accrued liabilities, John and Mary will recognize taxable gain for such excess. Generally, significant restrictions apply if tax free treatment is to be obtained.

This acquisition is not taxable to Smallco or its shareholders under U. Reorganizations[ edit ] In addition, corporations may change key aspects of their legal identity, capitalization, or structure in a tax free manner under most systems.

Examples of reorganizations that may be tax free include mergers, amalgamations, liquidations of subsidiaries, share for share exchanges, exchanges of shares for assets, changes in form or place of organization, and recapitalizations. Where such interest is paid to related parties, such deduction may be limited.

Without such limitation, owners could structure financing of the corporation in a manner that would provide for a tax deduction for much of the profits, potentially without changing the tax on shareholders.

For example, assume a corporation earns profits of before interest expense and would normally distribute 50 to shareholders. If the corporation is structured so that deductible interest of 50 is payable to the shareholders, it will cut its tax to half the amount due if it merely paid a dividend.

A common form of limitation is to limit the deduction for interest paid to related parties to interest charged at arm's length rates on debt not exceeding a certain portion of the equity of the paying corporation.

For example, interest paid on related party debt in excess of three times equity may not be deductible in computing taxable income. The United States, United Kingdom, and French tax systems apply a more complex set of tests to limit deductions.

However, treaties and practicality impose limits on taxation of those outside its borders, even on income from sources within the country.

Most jurisdictions tax foreign corporations on business income within the jurisdiction when earned through a branch or permanent establishment in the jurisdiction. This tax may be imposed at the same rate as the tax on business income of a resident corporation or at a different rate.

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Many countries impose a branch profits tax on foreign corporations to prevent the advantage the absence of dividend withholding tax would otherwise provide to foreign corporations.

This tax may be imposed at the time profits are earned by the branch or at the time they are remitted or deemed remitted outside the country.

business planning taxation 2016 tax

Some jurisdictions do not recognize inter-branch payments as actual payments, and income or deductions arising from such inter-branch payments are disregarded. Commonly limited deductions include management fees and interest. Jenson argues that low corporate tax rates are a minor determinate of a multinational company when setting up their headquarters in a country.

Losses[ edit ] Most jurisdictions allow interperiod allocation or deduction of losses in some manner for corporations, even where such deduction is not allowed for individuals. A few jurisdictions allow losses usually defined as negative taxable income to be deducted by revising or amending prior year taxable income.

Some jurisdictions impose time limitations as to when loss deductions may be utilized. Groups of companies[ edit ] Several jurisdictions provide a mechanism whereby losses or tax credits of one corporation may be used by another corporation where both corporations are commonly controlled together, a group.

In the United States and Netherlands, among others, this is accomplished by filing a single tax return including the income and loss of each group member. This is referred to as a consolidated return in the United States and as a fiscal unity in the Netherlands.

In the United Kingdom, this is accomplished directly on a pairwise basis called group relief.


The United States has extensive regulations dealing with consolidated returns. In addition, a few systems provide a tax exemption for dividend income received by corporations. Transfer pricing A key issue in corporate tax is the setting of prices charged by related parties for goods, services or the use of property.

Many jurisdictions have guidelines on transfer pricing which allow tax authorities to adjust transfer prices used. Such adjustments may apply in both an international and a domestic context. Taxation of shareholders[ edit ] Most income tax systems levy tax on the corporation and, upon distribution of earnings dividendson the shareholder.

This results in a dual level of tax.Principles of Taxation for Business and Investment Planning focuses on the role taxes play in business and investment decision, presenting the general roles of taxation and discussing its implications for all tax-paying entities before delving into a specific exception.

The benefit of this approach is a strong grasp of the fundamental principles informing taxation rules. Taxation and Investment in Luxembourg Reach, relevance and reliability. Business taxation Overview Residence Taxable income and rates Luxembourg Taxation and Investment investment tax credit of 12% of the acquisition value of qualifying investments made during the tax.

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