Brain food or plain food

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Brain food or plain food

But research is showing that you can increase your chances of maintaining a healthy brain well into your old age if you add these "smart" foods to your daily eating regimen. Studies have also shown that diets rich in blueberries significantly improved both the learning capacity and motor skills of aging rats, making them mentally equivalent to much younger rats.

Ann Kulze, MD, author of Dr. Deep-water fish, such as salmon, are rich in omega-3 essential fatty acids, which are essential for brain function, says Kulze. Both she and Pratt recommend wild salmon for its "cleanliness" and the fact that it is in plentiful supply. Omega-3s also contain anti-inflammatory substances.

Other oily fish that provide the benefits of omega-3s are sardines and herring, says Kulze; she recommends a 4-ounce serving, two to three times a week. Nuts and seeds are good sources of vitamin Esays Pratt, explaining that higher levels of vitamin E correspond with less cognitive decline as you get older.

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Add an ounce a day of walnuts, hazelnuts, Brazil nuts, filberts, almonds, cashews, peanuts, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, flax seed, and unhydrogenated nut butters such as peanut butter, almond butter, and tahini. Avocados are almost as good as blueberries in promoting brain health, says Pratt.

Avocados also lower blood pressuresays Pratt, and as hypertension is a risk factor for the decline in cognitive abilities, a lower blood pressure should promote brain health.

Brain food or plain food

Whole grains, such as oatmeal, whole-grain breads, and brown rice can reduce the risk for heart disease. Beans are "under-recognized" and "economical," says Kulze. They also stabilize glucose blood sugar levels.

Two to three cups a day of freshly brewed tea -- hot or iced -- contains a modest amount of caffeine which, when used "judiciously," says Kulze -- can boost brain power by enhancing memory, focus, and mood.

Tea also has potent antioxidantsespecially the class known as catechines, which promotes healthy blood flow. Dark chocolate has powerful antioxidant properties, contains several natural stimulants, including caffeinewhich enhance focus and concentration, and stimulates the production of endorphins, which helps improve mood.

One-half ounce to 1 ounce a day will provide all the benefits you need, says Kulze. This is one "superfood" where more is not better.

Ann Kulze, MD, author, Dr.7. Snack on raw, plain, unsalted nuts; they may be beneficial for brain health. Nuts tend to be high-calorie foods because of high fat content, so they should be eaten in moderation.

Brain food or plain food

8. Eat a wide variety of different colored vegetables. Currently, the only food and nutrition class offered at Florida Atlantic University is once a week on Mondays from seven to ten at night.

The benefits of offering healthier choices at Florida Atlantic University are significant. In order for the brain to function properly and to . Nov 09,  · Foods with the best brain foods and sugars include the following: Plain yogurt has a lower glycemic index than yogurt with fruit preserves or added sugar.

The company a food keeps and how it is prepared also affects the G.I., or how fast and steady the sugar enters the brain.

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A food with a high glycemic index, such as juice, candy, or a. Brain Food or Plain Food Being a college student may not be what it is all cracked up to be in the cinema. Juggling things such as working multiple part time Jobs, meeting glasswork deadlines, and various other responsibilities creates psychological and sometimes physical stress, ultimately tending to get in the way of one’s nutritional needs.

More on Food to Choose Brain Food: Mediterranean diet. People in their 70s who were the most active and adhered the best to a Mediterranean-style diet (mostly fruit, veggies, legumes, good fats, and fish) were more than 60% less likely to develop Alzheimer's than people who were the least active and Mediterranean-minded.1 Spinach.

The key nutritional compound in this brain food is choline. Choline is vital for optimum brain functioning and making the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which is associated with memory. Worried about scoring your best on a test or work project?

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