Asttle writing a cover

Are you getting the most effective use out of your e-asTTle results?

Asttle writing a cover

Can I develop my own prompts? Teachers are encouraged to use the rubric to assess writing other than that generated by the e-asTTle writing prompts. Teachers may wish to write their own prompts that relate explicitly to classroom topics of study.

If they do so, consideration of the following will facilitate accurate use: It is recommended that results from teacher-developed prompts are not entered into the e-asTTle application.

The e-asTTle application links results to particular e-asTTle prompts. It then takes into account the difficulty of the prompt when transforming rubric scores to scale scores. The difficulty level of a teacher-developed prompt is unknown.

Question - Creating a personalized e-asTTle writing prompt?

It is recommended that teacher-developed writing prompts maintain this feature. The rubric may also be used with other single, or multiple, communicative purposes; although not every element will always be relevant.

asttle writing a cover

It was clear to us that their strengths were in writing fiction, so we balanced that out in our teaching time. The results did vary at times due to the different topics students were writing about but when we looked at the overall results over the year it was great.

The reason we do it like this is so that the writing is authentic and purposeful we have just been through some PD with the marvellous Murray Gadd.

MichelleNZ View all users posts 11 Sep 9: It would be interesting to hear what his thoughts are on e-asTTle. Are you using his rubric or the e-asTTle rubric to assess your students' writing?Within each purpose, there are a range of ‘prompts’ (previously called Writing tasks).

Conversion table from rubric scores to scale scores

You will be asked to select a purpose, and then a prompt, when you create an e-asTTle writing test. See Choosing a Writing Prompt for more information. Can I make up my own prompt? You can use the e-asTTle scoring rubrics to assess a prompt you made up.

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If the the assessment has used an e-asTTle writing prompt and has been administered under standardised conditions, rubric scores should be entered into the e-asTTle application, as this will ensure the most accurate assessment for the writing.

asTTle Writing Rubric in Student Speak Created by Clevedon School from asTTle Writing Rubrics Last updated: Ideas Learning Intention: I am learning to think of ideas and write about them. Rubric 1 Rubric 2 Rubric 3 Rubric 4 Rubric 5 Rubric 6 I have one simple idea.

During the development of e-asTTle Writing, manual was written to accompany the Writing tool. The Writing manual is available for download below.

asttle writing a cover

Part A contains information about the tool, marking and administration and interpreting reports. AsTTle is a standardised commercial test that uses a multiple choice and short answer format for Reading and Maths. AsTTle writing is a timed (45 minute) ‘snap-shot’.

AsTTle writing is a timed (45 minute) ‘snap-shot’. The set of generic exemplars illustrates the use of the e-asTTle marking rubric to score writing across the writing prompts. The exemplars cover the full scoring range, and the full range of skill development, for each element of writing.

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