Airbus stakeholders

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Airbus stakeholders

Assignments will not be accepted if this section not completed. Introduction 4 Methodology 4 Executive summary 4 1. This mega project is about developing a commercial aircraft.

The development of such aircraft is about creating new aircraft designed for the end users i. Such development is whether a project or a program? This leads to an argument as this consist many technical and managerial emanations.

This mega project has the scope of designing, developing, supporting and maintaining of an aircraft and thus it can be defined as a mega program rather than a mega project.

This project covers a large number of various components and stretches across the complete life-cycle. This kind of project takes many years to complete and overcomes the phases like research, development, production and testing.

The events developed for the purpose of developing an aircraft stretch across its actual development phase and apply to major component assemblies. Thus the development of a commercial aircraft can be called as a mega project, which comprise of many small projects within it.

Such mega projects being developed commercially indicate that they will be financed commercially Altfeld, This mega project is a continuous type of project, as always, there will be a need for the same from the primary as well as the secondary customers Airbus stakeholders its life cycle.

This kind of mega projects undergoes continuous improvements based on the feedback. This piece of work Airbus stakeholders about considering the mega project and assessing its stakeholders, laws and risks involved in the project. The mega project chosen is about the development of commercial aircraft — Airbus A The project is in the initial phase and the whole project outline is developed as per the project plans and deadlines.

All the stakeholders concerned to the project like development of commercial aircraft are identified and mapped according to stakeholder diagram. As per the project plans, the stakeholders are engaged in their particular work towards accomplishment of the project. The cause of the shift of stakeholder in the stakeholder diagram according to different phases is explained.

The legal risks which will cause an impact on the project are identified and assessed how the legal risks can be avoided in the project. The following outline describes the overall project duration, and budget allotted for the project.

The project started from year and the work has begun for forming large aircraft divisions. According to the various aircraft components, the project is planned to be manufactured in various places and procured at one place — Toulouse, France, for final assembly.


As per the project outline, the first testing has to be done in year and the first delivery to the customer in year "Airbus A,". This mega project is about the construction of a wide body, jumbo jet with maximum seating capacity than any other aircraft.

This jetliner is going to be manufactured by Airbus group. As per the project plan, this jetliner consists of double deck and four engines. The design is to provide seating capacity of people in a typical three class configuration or up to people in all economy class configuration.

It is being designed for a distance range of 8, nautical miles, which is 15, km and cruising speed of 0. Airport authorities The Airbus group requires approval from airport authorities for the operation of aircraft to a particular airport.

By providing the same, they seek approach from the airline companies for development of the airport. The plan of Airbus group is to satisfy these stakeholders with higher priority. The plan is to respond to the employee's expectation regarding to development within the confines of local regulations.

Suppliers The Airbus group based on mutual interest with suppliers, benefits from sustainable relationships and depending on their performance, it recognizes its ability to satisfy customers.

Airbus stakeholders

The plan is to meet its obligations to lenders and other financial opponent parties, and safeguard its reliability.

Competitors The competitors are always a threat in market perspective. End users — passengers The passengers — these are the main stakeholders for the airline companies. The Airbus group ensures maximum safety and comfort to their end users.

Media This stakeholder is interested in the project during the beginning and the first test of the project. There are chances of variation of level of interest depending on the phase of the project. Working as per the project schedule and archive individual targets.Today they even are bidding together with BAE agaisnt Airbus to win a bid from the US government to supply tanker airplanes for the military.

Ad 3) The relationship between the airports and Boeing did not change much. As mentioned in the midterm presentation Airbus did not handle the stakeholder relationship with the airports very well. Airbus is taking into account stakeholders’ and analysts’ questions about the materiality of CSR issues.

Data and Performance A signatory to the United Nations Global Compact since , Airbus is committed to the UN Global Compact principles and has reached the “Advanced Level”(1). This piece of work is about Airbus A mega project and assessing its stakeholders, laws and risks involved in the project.

The development of commercial aircraft – Airbus A project is in the initial phase and the whole project outline is. The Boeing Vision is an expression of our company’s purpose and values, designed to inspire and focus all employees on a shared future and to reaffirm that, together, we .

Airbus has committed to the "Flightpath ", an aviation industry plan to reduce noise, CO 2, and NOx emissions. Airbus was the first aerospace business to become ISO certified, in January ; this is a broader certification covering the whole organisation, not just the aircraft it produces.

The Airbus transfer service coordinates stakeholders and manages part or all of the process. with a picture. and results. shared on a collaborative platform. location of the defect compared to .

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