A synopsis of benjamin franklins career

He went to school as a child with the intent of becoming a minister, as his father, Josiah, intended. However, that idea was dropped after Franklin showed a keen interest in reading and writing.

A synopsis of benjamin franklins career

He was a prodigious inventor and his numerous inventions include the lightning rod, bifocals, long arm and the Franklin stove. Franklin held several prominent posts during his career and was instrumental in getting French assistance during the American Revolution. He was in the Committee of Five that drafted the U.

Know about the versatile contributions of Benjamin Franklin though his 10 major accomplishments and achievements. He not only published the paper but also wrote pieces for it under aliases. Join, or Die, the first political cartoon in America, which was created by Franklin, was published in the newspaper on May 9, The cartoon later became a symbol of colonial unity during the American Revolution and remains popular.

The Pennsylvania Gazette became one of the most prominent newspapers in U. The almanac, which was published yearly for 25 years tillbrought Franklin both fame and economic success. It sold as many as 10, copies a year, was considered significant by Napoleon Bonaparte to translate it into Italian and was the first work of English literature to be translated into Slovene.

Though it was known that Franklin was the author, he used the pseudonym Richard Saunders. The character was poor but claimed to be a philomath and astrologer. He challenged the then believe that electricity consisted of two opposing forces; proposed that it moved from one body to another; coined several terms including positive, negative, battery, charge and conductor; proposed that lightning was indeed electricity; and was the first to discover the principle of conservation of charge.

His experiments enabled him to create a device that would protect buildings from the destructive force of lightning.

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Thus the lightning rod, which protects structures by earthing, was invented. Diagram of a simple lightning rod to protect a building 4 He invented numerous other things including bifocal lenses Franklin suffered from presbyopia due to which he required two sets of glasses.

This led him to invent bifocals, which are eyeglasses with the upper half for distance and lower for reading. Apart from lightning rod and bifocals, Franklin invented swim fins; the musical instrument glass armonica; flexible urinary catheter; his own version of the odometer, which is an instrument to measure the distance traveled by a wheeled vehicle; the long arm, which is used to reach books in high shelves; and the Franklin Stove, which is a device to provide more heat and less smoke than an ordinary fireplace.

Later he also became a representative of Massachusetts, Georgia and New Jersey.

A synopsis of benjamin franklins career

Inthe Parliament of Britain passed the Stamp Act which imposed a direct tax on its colonies in British America. There was widespread opposition against the Act in America. Due to this Franklin emerged as the leading spokesman for American interests in England.Benjamin Franklin was a Founding Father of U.S.

who had a significant and profound influence in the early development of his nation. He was a prodigious inventor and his numerous inventions include the lightning rod, bifocals, long arm and the Franklin stove. Franklin held several prominent posts during his career and was instrumental in.

Watch video · Benjamin Franklin is best known as one of the Founding Fathers who drafted the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States. Benjamin Cardozo was a s Supreme Court Born: Jan 17, Walter Isaacson – Ben Franklin.

The following is an analysis and synopsis of Ben Franklin by Walter Isaacson. Chapter 1 | Benjamin Franklin and the Invention Of America Benjamin Franklins’ life is an interesting one, and the first chapter explores the depths of his character in the outset of that life.

Itsuki Hiroshi. right? Its a lot It is a firehose of news How are we a synopsis of benjamin franklins career supposed to live our lives. in fact. Benjamin Franklin, one of history’s most remarkable human beings, was born in Boston in Largely self-taught, he became a respected scientist whose experiments on electricity received international acclaim.

He invented the lightning rod, the Franklin stove, bifocals, the glass harmonica, an. Part 2 begins with Franklin writing from Passy, France, receiving letters from two of his friends, Abel James and Benjamin Vaughan. They basically tell Franklin that he is awesome, that his life story is awesome, and he should keep writing it.

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