A life that counts

Brett Parker sentenced to life in prison for murder By January 1, at 2: Jack Kuenzie Brett Parker's family reacts. Judge DeAndrea Benjamin sentenced Parker to two consecutive life sentences without the possibility of parole Tuesday night for the murders of Tammy Jo Parker, 44, and Bryan Capnerhurst,

A life that counts

R v Martin Bryant Cox CJ 22 November In consequence of the tragic events at Port Arthur on 28 and 29 April of this year and of his plea of guilty to the unprecedented list of crimes contained in the indictment before me, the prisioner stands for sentence in respect of: After having heard the unchallenged account of these terrible crimes narrated by the learned Director of Public Prosecution and his Junior, an account painstakingly prepared by them from the materials diligently assembled by the team of police and forensic investigators charged with that task, it is unnecessary for me to repeat it in detail or to attempt more than a brief summary.

The prisoner, it is clear, a lengthy period of time before the day on which it was carried into effect, formed the intention of causing the deaths of Mr and Mrs Martin against whom he had long harboured a grudge and at the very least of causing mayhem among the large group of residents and visitors he anticipated would be present at the Port Arthur Historic Site, by shooting at them.

Indeed he seems to have contemplated mayhem of such a drastic kind that it would in all probability provoke a response which would result in his own death. In furtherance of his intention, he acquired high powered weapons and embarked with three of them, a very large supply of ammunition and accessories such as a sports bag to conceal the weapons, a hunting knife, two sets of handcuffs and rope.

In addition he carried large quantities of petrol in containers, fire starters and acquired a cigarette lighter en route. As he was not a smoker, the inference is that he intended to arm himself with the means of igniting the petrol and that this was intended to be used unlawfully causing damage to some property in the course of his expedition.

Arrived at the Martins' home, he shot both of them dead and continued on to Port Arthur. Here, at the Broad Arrow Cafe, he consumed a meal on the balcony outside and then re-entering the cafe, placed the bag on an unoccupied table.

A life that counts produced from the bag an AR15 rifle fitted with a shot magazine and commenced to fire at close range at patrons who were complete strangers to him. In the first 15 seconds he discharged 17 rounds, thereby causing the deaths of 12 people, the infliction of grievous bodily harm to a thirteenth; wounds to five more; and injuries to an additional four whom he attempted unsuccessfully to murder.

Moving through the cafe to the gift shop annexed to it, he continued to discharge the weapon at close quarters before leaving the premises approximately 1 minute and 30 seconds after firing the first shot.

In that period of 90 seconds, 29 rounds were fired causing the deaths of 20 people and injuries, many of them severe, to another 12 who fortunately escaped with their lives.

In addition, the spectators who escaped physical injury were subjected to emotional trauma of the most stressful kind. Although not the subject of any count of the indictment, this form of injury was clearly a by-product of the prisoner's wrongful conduct.

In the cafe he changed magazines and leaving it, he fired indiscriminately at various parts of the historic site intending to hit and kill those who were within range. In the car park, where there were a number of buses, he shot the driver of one in the back, killing him; and fired at groups of people seeking shelter in them or in their vicinity.

Here he killed another person and caused injuries to a further three. He then exchanged the Armalite rifle for a semi-automatic.

Still in the car park, the prisoner killed two further visitors and by firing at them shots which, in some caes, connected, attempted to murder six others. From here he moved up the road in his car and en route encountered Mrs Mikac and her two daughters, murdering all three in the heart rending circumstances already described by the Director of Public Prosecutions.

At the toll booth he murdered the four occupants of a BMW, pulling the two female passengers seated in it from the car and shooting them at close range. He then commandeered the car, transferring from his own car some of the items in it, including the AR15 rifle, a quantity of ammunition, the two handcuffs and some petrol.

Thereafter he fired two shots at a car which had been reversed by the driver on appreciating the situation.

A life that counts

In the vicinity of the toll booth, 11 spent cartridges fired by the prisoner were later recovered. The prisoner brought the vehicle he was driving to a halt on the wrong side of the road and blocked the passage of the Corolla.

When Mr Pears attempted to intervene, he was forced into the boot of the prisoner's stolen vehicle.

A life that counts

Miss Hall was then murdered in a series of three rapid shots from the hip and the prisoner moved on, returning to Seascape. On the way, and after his arrival, he fired at a number of vehicles causing very grievous harm to the occupant of one of them and endangering the lives of nine other people including two police officers called to the scene.

Arrived at Seascape, the prisoner forced Mr Pears, whom he was treating as a hostage, to enter the house, placed handcuffs on his wrists and immobilised him by attaching a second set of handcuffs to the first and some fixure in the premises.

He then set fire to the stolen vehicle and retreated to the house where, at some time before his apprehension, he murdered Mr Pears by shooting him. Throughout the night he continued to discharge a number of weapons, his own arsenal augmented by weapons belonging to the Martins, and kept at bay the police who were surrounding the house, their response restricted by the belief that both the Martins and Mr Pears could still be alive.

Clearly the Martins were not alive at that stage, but the prisoner deceitfully conveyed the impression that they were in telephone conversations with police negotiators.

The following morning he set fire to the house, destroying it completely and, while fleeing from it in an injured condition due to burns, was apprehended.

Objectively, it is difficult to imagine a more chilling catalogue of crime. The prisoner, having had a murderous plan in contemplation and active preparation for some time, deliberately killed two persons against whom he held a grudge, and then embarked on a trail of devastation which took the lives of a further 33 other human beings who were total strangers to him and which caused serious injury, distress and grief to literally thousands more.

The repercussions of these crimes have been world-wide.

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His selection of victims was indiscriminate. He killed and injured men, women and even children.An anti-terrorism court, finding Imran Ali — the man accused of raping and murdering six-year-old Zainab Amin in Kasur last month — guilty of the charges brought against him, on Saturday.

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