93711232 celta focus on the learner

Christophe is from France and French is his mother tongue. He arrived in New Zealand in November He trained as a cable installation worker for a power company in France, where he reached the level of team supervisor, during his time with the power company he attended many vocational development seminars and courses. He had some exposure to learning English in secondary school, roughly 2 hours a week for 5 years and largely grammar at that.

93711232 celta focus on the learner

You can, of course, gather some of this data by designing a questionnaire. See the guide to needs analysis to get some ideas.

93711232 celta focus on the learner

There is an example of a basic needs analysis form here. Do one of two things: You can provide a tapescript of some important parts of the interview to exemplify the areas you think need work in the assignment.

The new edition of the handbook the 5th has removed any explicit reference to learning styles because the theories that underlie such things have been comprehensibly debunked.

93711232 celta focus on the learner

The syllabus now contains reference to learning preferences. However, for reasons which are slightly obscure, some CELTA centres and tutors are wedded to the idea of learning styles.

Many will let you have a copy of something called a VARK questionnaire to give to the subject. There is, of course, a guide to learning styles on this site but you should treat the area with great scepticism. See also the article attempting to debunk the whole concept.

You need to set out some information about the people in the class: See the table above. The only sensible way to do this with a group of people is via a questionnaire needs analysis. You can investigate learning preferences but will have to identify from the data any commonalities in the class rather than details of each learner.

One approach is to identify the two weakest and the two strongest students and identify appropriate activities, resources and aims for them. That should also cover everyone in between. Describing learning aims can be professionally done if you apply some terminology. Needs can overlap so some will fall into one or more categories.

The student is studying English for no obvious purpose at the moment. He or she may need the language in the future for some purpose but at the moment that is not clear. The student may also need the language as part of a general education, for access to English-language websites and for travel and tourism.

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This student needs General English a GE learner. This student need English to settle and integrate in an English-speaking culture for an indefinite time.

This student needs Business English a BE learner. This student intends to study in an English-medium institution such as a university or college. This student needs English for a narrow area of concern such as access to written scientific texts, to work in a particular occupation such as the hospitality industry, air traffic control, the merchant marine, the transport industry etc.

All of the above can be subdivided into a bewildering range of acronyms including, e. Describing motivation can also be better done if you use a bit of technical terminology. Be aware that these categories overlap and few learners fall neatly into one type.

Most will fall into two or more with various mixes. Be careful not to be too dogmatic here.

The structure of the assignment

People are complicated and their motivations are often obscure, even to themselves, so try to avoid statements such as This learner is extrinsically motivated. Prefer, instead, something a bit more careful such as: From the data supplied in the short questionnaire, it seems that this learners is aware of the need to learn enough English to be able to function in the workplace but is also keen to access English-speaking websites and understand something of the cultures of English-speaking societies.

She has, therefore, a mix of instrumental and integrative motivation and needs English as a tool as well as for cultural access. There is a guide to motivation on this site but you do not need all the detail now. If you would like a simpler guide to motivation which still gives more data than here, there is one in the TKT course materials new window or tab.

Making your suggestions Obviously, the suggestions you make will be determined by what you have discovered about the learner s. Make sure everything you say here has a rationale: Why do you suggest it? How will it help? Include both ideas for activities and ideas for materials to use and topics to focus on.

Identify both language structure and skills needs.CELTA Focus On The Learner Assignment (case study). This assignment requires you to produce a case study of two of your students.

It gives you an opportunity to observe learners carefully and consider their learning background, motivation and learning style.

In addition to this it will help you 5/5(43). CELTA Focus On The Learner Assignment (case study). This assignment requires you to produce a case study of two of your students.

It gives you an opportunity to observe learners carefully and consider their learning background, motivation and learning style.5/5(43). Celta Written Assignment - Focus on the Learner. CELTA Assignment 3 - Skills. Written Assignment 4. Focus on the Learners - Assignment 1. Documents Similar To CELTA Focus on the Learner Help.

Lessons From the Classroom Assignment Uploaded by. Syrian Eagle. Celta-assignment3. Uploaded by. Madabushi Krishnan. Focus on the Learner.5/5(1). Essay Celta - Assignment 2 - Focus on the Learner. Assignment 2 – Focus on the learner LEARNER’S PROFILE Sonia Meirelles is a year old Brazilian student, in the Intermediate English class, who has been studying English for 13 months (since August, ).

CAMBRIDGE CELTA. WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT 2: FOCUS ON THE LEARNER. The profile should consist of the following: Learning background you should talk to your learner to find out about their educational.

and language learning background. CELTA Focus on the Learner Help - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free.5/5(2).

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